Midwest 2019 project recap

Looking back on my goals for 2019, it was a pretty mixed bag on what was accomplished. Part of this is due to having one of the busiest years at work in recent memory (aren’t they all? πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ) as well as having a crazy amount of kid activities going on all. the. time.

In between all that, we did tackle some pretty big projects though. Here is how we did with our 2019 goals:

1. Living Room

No real progress in here, I still haven’t even gotten to changing the rug! I’ve been passively looking at them but haven’t found quite the right thing yet. Big plans for this room in 2020, but for now I’ll settle for having added some much needed personality to the adjacent dining room and front entry.

2. Mud Room

The mud room storage is by far my favorite project we completed. The bench and shelving are so functional and the kids have been pretty good about putting their shoes, coats, and backpacks away because it’s so easy for them. We still need to add the crown molding but I can definitely live with this the way it is until we get around to that!

3. Kids Bedrooms

We did make some progress on these rooms over the year. My daughter’s room is essentially done, although the art on the walls is ever evolving!

We also pretty much finished one boys room but didnt accomplish much in the other. I’d still like to get some better storage in all these rooms.

One boys room is essentially done!
A lot of work to do in here. It still needs storage and a little personality!

4. “Office” (aka Game Room)

Funny how this room was originally going to be an office. That idea never materialized and this room is now known as the “game room”. We added a convertible couch and rug to this room and its home to the kids video games. Also I like to go into this room and watch tv sometimes on weekend mornings we dont have anything going on (not often unfortunately) because its quieter. One big project we did complete in here was to add some shelving to the closet, which has been amazing!

5. Laundry Area

Although I am still loving having the laundry upstairs, this space has been essentially unchanged. That’s going to change soon though, here’s a sneak peek:

6. Main Bath

We made some minor changes in here, including hanging some pictures on the wall. I had thought I might add some pretty mats or shelving but with the vanity size and the linen closet right outside the door, we haven’t really needed to add any additional storage. I also decided new mats will have to wait until the kids are older πŸ˜‰πŸ˜….

7. Master Bath

Another room that’s basically unchanged. We added on shelving unit but other than that, this room has been pretty low on the priority list. Its pretty great the way it is, although I still have plans to eventually add a vanity and some nice mats.

Some projects we did complete that weren’t on my list were cleaning up the garage, re-landscaping the front yard, painting the front door and finishing up the downstairs bathroom.

I think that pretty much covers our major progress for 2019, so far we have two projects in the planning stages/partially started in 2020 so I’m excited to see what we get done this year! Anyone else tackle big projects in 2019?