A Pink Flamingo Party!

I meant to share my daughter’s 3rd birthday party back in December, but just like my hallway update, it got away from me with the holidays. My daughter loves all things pink flamingo right now, and even requested pink flamingo for the flavor of her cake! πŸ˜† So the obvious choice for her party theme when she turned 3 a month ago was pink flamingo! I had so much fun with this one!!


There are a ton of flamingo-themed invitation ideas on Pinterest, so I stole the “Let’s Flamingle” tagline and used the Canva app to create it (I just searched for “Flamingo” under invitations, and modified a template I liked). I used the PicMonkey app for the photo included (I modified a picture of my daughter holding a coffee cup and of a baby flamingo, and merged them together after cutting out the cup):

I know – I’m such a dork! Lol! Here’s the finished invitation:

Cake and Dessert:

Let’s be honest, the star of every party is the cake! 😁 And for this party, I got the highest compliment – one of the kids at the party (he’s 10!) asked me where I got the cake! Here was the finished result:

I’m not a cake expert – I just browse Pinterest for ideas, then combine the elements I like by thinking of everything broken down into one or multiple of the following basic components: cake, frosting, Rice Krispie treats, modeling chocolate, fondant, gel dye, edible markers, candy melts, and for extra fancy cakes, edible gold dust. 😁

For this cake, I started by making my pink, bright pink, and orange feathers out of candy melts. I just melted one color at a time, then used the back of a spoon to fan drops into feather shapes on parchment paper and let them cool (right side is a “dollop” before I spread it out):

Trust me, it’s not hard. πŸ˜‰

Next, I smooshed about 3 Rice Krispie treats together and molded them around 2 wood skewers into the neck shape (don’t make the mistake I made – cover the dowels at the ends so the base will be secure when you stick it in the cake):

Then I slowly added pieces until I was happy with the head and beak shape, and made a small crown. I held it on the cake stand throughout for scale, to make sure it wasn’t too large or small (if you squint, you can picture it in a cake, haha):

Then I covered it with white modeling chocolate, that I used gel colors (both linked above) to dye. I use these tools to help smooth the modeling chocolate, and a gloved hand works well, too. The eyelashes were the most finicky part (kinda like the eyebrows on my Captain Underpants cake, haha):

I only took a few pictures in-progress because I just got into a groove and forgot to take more, but you can see how the process starts off looking really rough, but you just keep working it until it looks smooth. It’s like working with play doh (fondant is really similar, btw, I just personally find it harder to get as smooth of a finish and harder to use around 3D objects). Tear as much excess chocolate away as you can to keep the object as light as possible, too.

I stuck a toothpick into the bottom of the crown and painted edible gold dust on it before sticking it into the head (definitely wear gloves and be careful you don’t touch the neck with your gold fingerprints – otherwise a damp paper towel can help clean smudges off the neck. Ask me how I know. πŸ˜‚)

Lastly, I stuck the neck and feathers into the frosted cake (two 8-inch round cakes). Done!

But… okay. The neck was hard to secure into place because I left the 2 skewers exposed – so they were wobbly. This was just dumb. Don’t do this, lol! But I broke about a dozen more skewers to size and used them to support the neck on the sides and back. Plus, I put some more Rice Krispie treats onto the bottom of the skewers and behind the neck to help hold it into place. It was touch and go for a while… πŸ˜„

But once the neck was secure, frosting and the feathers helped cover the surgery I had to perform:

I also used toothpicks to turn doughnuts into pineapples for the cake table:

And we used a giant balloon instead of a banner:

It was so cute! And the babygirl LOVED her cake – she talked about it for days! ☺️

Party food and Decor:

We love throwing parties in the early afternoon or late morning so the menu can be brunch. I also like to use ingredients that can make multiple items, so we had:

  • Scrambled eggs (and salsa and tortilla shells nearby for breakfast burritos)
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Fruit (and yogurt and granola nearby for yogurt parfaits) with flamingo toothpicks (the original ones I got aren’t available anymore, but this pack is better because it includes the other toothpicks I used above!)
  • Banana bread
  • Maple bites (these were pre-made from Costco and they looked a bit “ehhh”, but they were actually really good!)
  • Veggie tray
  • Coffee, pink lemonade (duh! Haha), and water

I used the same cactus and leaf decorations from my son’s dinosaur party (I also use the cactus decor in the summer ☺️).

Here’s the view from the other side (oh, and that flamingo planter is from Target last summer – it usually lives in our playroom):

And I used my daughter’s new stuffed flamingo and pineapple wind chime my son made over the summer as decor, too!

Favors and Activities:

As evidenced by the Christmas decor you can see above, this party was in December, so I wanted to do a holiday-themed activity. I decided on having the kids make flamingo snow globes, that could double as favors! I used the following supplies:

You could easily call these “lagoons” or “terrariums” or something and use cactuses or palm trees instead of Christmas trees if doing these any other season (just pay attention to the dimensions of the items so they’ll fit in the containers). Or keep them the same – who doesn’t like Christmas in July?! πŸ˜‰

I also got flamingo crazy straws and tattoos, because why not?! Haha. Those tattoos are actually well done and even the adults were picking ones to apply. πŸ˜„

I put everything into a tray, and let the kids pick what they wanted when making their snow globes.

We didn’t put water in them, and the hot glue held really well this way!

It was a hit and the kids ranged in age from 2 to 10!

I also got a flamingo T-shirt and flower crowns (I let her pick one) for the birthday girl to wear:

Oh yea, we also got Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls to serve with the cake, because they’re the best (and we can’t help but serve way too much dessert 🀣)!

Look at that cheeser! Haha!!

My 5 year old said the beak was good, too:

Oh, and the snow globes have held up great! I actually incorporated them into our Valentine’s Day decor. I figured they’re pink, so why not?! πŸ˜„

Anyone else like using kid crafts for seasonal decorations? With our oldest being 8 years old (and all 3 going to daycare full time before school), it’s hard not to have enough kid art to display year round. Haha.

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