Midwest 2020 Goals

I know. I’m about a month too late on this post. But I need to keep myself accountable so in the interest of writing my goals down somewhere, I’m going to do it anyway…so here goes.

For 2020, I’m trying to be realistic about what we can accomplish knowing about some activities in the future that will eat up huge chunks of time (I’m looking at you summer camps and sports 😅).  I came up with this list of projects, that I think is totally reasonable as long as we plan our time well:

1. Finish the landscaping and build a floating deck

We made really good progress on the front yard last year. We just need to finish up the landscaping by leveling the planter and adding some mulch. Maybe another small shrub or tree? I’d love to get a Japanese Maple in there…🤔

Another thing we wanted to tackle last year was to put a floating deck in at the front door. This would be a dry run to evaluate how big we want to make the future front porch and also add some visual interest and a place to sit while the kids play outside to the front of the house.

2. Laundry room countertop

This is one that is LONG overdue. The folding situation is a real problem around here and with 5 people in our household you can imagine laundry gets out of control very quickly! While I’m at it, I’d like to upgrade my hamper situation and possibly add some additional shelving…

3. Master closet

Remember long ago when I shared our plans for this space? Well since then, besides making a big mess, we’ve done exactly nothing, except for move some confiscated k’nex and legos in, which didn’t help! 😱🙈  I know 2020 is the year we are going to do something about this space, although we have decided we are going to DIY the majority of this project instead of buying the pieces or hiring it out.

4. Living room/fireplace

This is a project I’m super excited about, and  we’ve already started researching and planning. I’m not sure what the final design will be but we’ve decided we’d like a gas insert and some form of cabinetry. Jury is still out on whether we have space for shelving up the wall with the tv mounted there as well. It’s a pretty tight space. Below is a photo of the space as it is now and a couple inspiration photos.

Source: rockindeco.com
Source: thriftydecorchick.com

5. Finish the mudroom shelves/seal tiled showers

The mudroom is basically finished, but we still have to add one finishing touch: crown molding. The showers have been in use for a little over a year, and we haven’t sealed the grout. I really really need to get to this.

6. Finish stairs

Here is something that makes me a little mad. This was just pure laziness and cutting corners on the contractors end. We should have said something about it, but without getting into specifics, it wasn’t worth it. Ill just say this: who drywalls right to the treads, and if you need a contractor let me know and I’ll tell you who NOT to hire. We’d also like to remove the portion of the wall the bottom of the railing is attached to (with the wood cap) and add an open railing.

7. Add storage to the kids’ rooms

This is one I’m constantly thinking about and hopefully I will get to this year. I’d even take putting in storage solutions in just one room at this point 😆

Well, I think that about wraps up my house goals for the year! Anyone else have big plans for improvements in 2020?