Laundry Room Upgrades

This project was WAY overdue. Even before we renovated, I wanted to add a laundry countertop to our previous setup. Here is a photo of that setup, which is kind of hard to look at anymore…what a mess! Hard to believe we lived with it for 8 YEARS before we did something about it…#reallifeWow, even more embarrassing than I remembered…hard to believe that space is our current mudroom!Anyway, as part of the addition we moved the laundry room upstairs and I couldn’t be happier with the location, but the functionality left something to be desired. With a family of 5, you can imagine the amount of laundry we have (I try to do a minimum of one load per day, just to keep it under control). Without somewhere to fold, set baskets, etc it was getting to be a mess in a hurry.Looks good but not much storage or workspace. We spent a long time trying to decide what kind of countertop to get. We considered quartz (which we have in the kitchen and is super durable), laminate (it is just a laundry room after all) and butcher block (durable and pretty). After a lot of research and window shopping (the kids loved that part lol) we decided to go with butcher block.The slabs of butcher block come in 8 foot lengths and our laundry area is about 6 feet long so we cut it down and had enough left over to use for another project! It wasn’t quite wide enough (washer and dryer are wider than countertop depth) so my husband improvised. We bought an 8 foot length of a backsplash piece, cut it to size and attached it to the back by using the Kreg jig to attach a 1×4 piece to the countertop and then screw in the backsplash piece from the bottom. That way it was the same thickness as the countertop and the width problem was solvedNext we installed guides along the wall on all sides and screwed them into the studs. The good part about this is that we know it’s in the studs and level without having to maneuver a heavy countertop in a tight space. Then my husband added two brackets along the back wall for extra support.After that we carried the (very heavy) countertop upstairs and secured it into place.The backsplash was a little tricky because the plug is above the countertop level. To solve this, another backsplash piece was cut to fit the sides and back, and then screwed together so it was all one piece. Then my husband took a round file and just kept filing until there was enough space for the plug to come through without pinching it. We didnt attach the backsplash or the countertop because it will be easier in case it needs to be removed in a hurry (washer flooding) or we have to replace the washer or dryer. The countertop is really heavy and there’s not really much chance it will move on its own, and the backsplash actually sits in place really well. Below is a photo of the finished space.Eventually I’d like to add some extra shelving and we will stain the countertop (if you look closely you can see painters tape on the wall), but we thought it would be better to wait until summer and we can open all the windows up there (I’m not carrying it back down to stain it outside or in the garage, that ship has sailed 😅😅).I’m pretty excited that I’m already checking a 2020 goal off the list so early in the year! Anyone else been motivated to work through their list? Any suggestions on stain for the countertop? I’m thinking a darker stain?