Building a table with scraps

Hey everyone! I hope everyone out there is safe and healthy. What a crazy few months its been. Does anyone else feel like they are busier in quarantine than regular life? Work, helping kids with remote learning, keeping up with chores, trying to anticipate grocery needs a week ahead of time…so much to do.

We have found time to do a few projects, mostly out of necessity. One was to finish a project we started talking about back in January. We installed a butcher block countertop in the laundry room, and it was cheaper to buy the longer piece and cut it down to the right size. It seemed like a huge waste not to use the leftover 2 feet, so we decided to make a small computer table out of the rest.

The base was assembled with leftover 2×2 and 1×4 scraps of wood. One decision we had to make right away (which caused a huge delay because we went back and forth for a while) was whether it should be table or counter height.

We decided on counter height because I wanted the option to comfortably stand and use the computer and its easy enough to slide a stool over from the kitchen island if someone wants to sit and pout about doing homework 😅

After that assembly was pretty quick. My husband assembled a jig to make sure the 1×4’s were lined up evenly on each side and then added some 1×2 support braces on each side and the back. He used the Kreg jig to add plenty of locations to secure the top:

Next it was time to paint the base (we used Rustoleum spray paint + primer) and stain the top:

Once it was dry, we moved it inside and chose a spot on the other side of the kitchen wall, where we put our old entryway bench that’s currently serving as a homework station.

Since then, we bought another monitor which helps when they are trying to do work during zoom meetings, and will eventually live in the spare room on the new desk that’s being built for the space!

For a project that was completed with scrap wood, I’m pretty happy with how well this turned out. Its been nice to have a separate space for the kids to work over the past few weeks.

Anyone else have to get creative in order to effectively work from home and/or home school over the past few months?

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