Bunk Beds and Shelves Update

I have to admit, we’re struggling to do a lot of projects during quarantine. You would think it would be easier since we’re always home, but we basically added another job to our days with home schooling (I work with our Kindergartener and my husband works with our Second grader). So by the time weekends hit, we just want to relax. Plus, it’s harder to get supplies unless you really know what you need ahead of time!

But recently we did a quick and easy update to our Kindergartener’s room, so I thought I would share it. Last time I shared his room, we hadn’t installed the top bunk bed yet, so that’s the first big change (although that happened last summer!). I also got these adorable lamps from IKEA around the same time – love them!!

But I wanted to add some bookshelves by each bed, so we used the same IKEA shelves that we installed in our daughter’s room. (I actually bought a bunch when we did her room in anticipation of adding them to each boys’ bedroom, so we already had them laying around).

The process was super easy, but I did take a few pictures. My husband found the studs, marked the lines, and installed the shelves!

Here’s a before/after of how much better the space looks with a shelf:

And the top bunk is such a cute retreat now! The shark sleeping bag is from HomeGoods, btw. Oh, and I got the “H” forever ago from Michaels, and used this opportunity to finally hang it!

For the lamp cord on the top bunk, I used a 3M hook to hide it behind the top bunk frame. You can see the cord on the wall when the door is fully closed (which is almost never), but that’s it:

And how cute are the balloons from his dinosaur birthday party strung across his window?! I couldn’t bring myself to throw them out since there’s nothing wrong with them. I’ll let my son decide when he outgrows them (which is hopefully never! Lol).

Here’s a flashback to that view before we did anything in here (omg, my baby wasn’t even 2 years old in this picture):

And here are more pictures of how cute his bunk beds look now:

As a reminder, here’s before adding bunks:

And another after to save you from scrolling:

So cute, right?! We actually surprised our son with this mini makeover and did it while he was in the basement playing. He was SO EXCITED when he went to bed at night! And he has been regularly rotating the books in both the top and bottom bunk shelves. It’s adorable, and I’m glad we were able to make the space more special for him. It’s the little things these days, am I right?!

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