DIY Father’s Day Gifts Using Hand or Footprints!

How is it almost June already?!  Seems like May was the fastest month we’ve experienced since quarantine started.  I mean, I know May is not quite over yet, but it will be in less than a week – craziness!!

Since June is right around the corner, I thought I would share some cute, handmade gifts I made with the kids in the past for Father’s Day.  I am hoping to work on our projects for this year this weekend, so figured it would be a good time to share in case anyone else is looking for ideas!

I am really into gifts using foot or hand prints, since the kids are growing so quickly – especially for the grandparents! I try to gift at least one set of prints a year, although I’m not sure if I’ve always been successful with that… (One tip, is that I like to use ink for the prints whenever possible, because I think it captures all of the little creases the best – but obviously that works best for paper!) Either way, for Father’s day I have used prints to make a tractor, and 3 different types of fish (and seaweed)!

This first one was a simple canvas board (I used fingers for the seaweed):

hooked edited

And these other 2 are for the front of cards.  I just used construction paper for the fins, sword/nose, and tires.

fish foot

tractor foot

Another phrase you can use with fish is “Fishing you a Happy Father’s Day!”. Or “You’re O-fish-ally the Best Papa Ever!”.  Etc., etc. I’m here all week folks!  🙂  I can’t remember what I wrote in the tractor card, but probably just “Happy Father’s Day!” because I can’t readily think of anything even remotely clever or cheesy…  Haha!

And there you have it!  A few super easy DIY Father’s day gifts! (Pssst… there are a few more ideas here, here, and here if you want to get a head start on Christmas projects while in quarantine!  Not that I’m going to – I’m sure I’ll wait until November to figure that out, hahaha!)

But this tractor thing is bothering me – let me know if you can think of any punny one-liners to include so I can sleep well tonight.  Haha!

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