2020 East Coast Project Goals

Confession: I started writing this post as goals for 2019. Apparently I'm still not used to being in a new decade... haha!! Anyway, the sentiment still stands that after tracking my progress against my 2019 project goals last week, I'm weirdly excited to set new goals for this year! Probably because I love making lists … Continue reading 2020 East Coast Project Goals

How to Make DIY “Mistletoe” Ornaments.

Holy cow - it's Christmastime!!! Preparations are well underway in our household (our cards came today - I'm weirdly excited to address them while watching movies this weekend 🤓)! I'm sure I'm in the minority for being excited about this stuff, but one of my favorite things about this time of year is getting cards … Continue reading How to Make DIY “Mistletoe” Ornaments.