Remote Working Upgrades

Hello! If you had asked me back in March if we would still be working remotely 100% of the time in late-May, I would have said no way. But here we are.

I am lucky enough to have a job where I can work full time remotely. Under normal, non-pandemic circumstances, I usually average about one day every two weeks working remotely for various reasons (to accommodate kid schedules usually). Up until now, setting up at the dining room table for a day while everyone was at work/school was totally adequate.

Then this pandemic hit. Three kids doing remote learning and both adults at home 😬

Not ideal for working, to say the least.We had been talking about turning the extra bedroom downstairs into an office space. Up until now its really been the kids video game space and storage with a convertible sofa for guests. Here is a reminder of how that room had been used up to that point:

That photo of my son playing video games with his new bike helmet on cracks me up 🤣

About 2 weeks into working from home/remote learning full time we realized we needed an office area. After a lot of discussion and planning, we decided the best option was to build a desk in one corner of the room.

My husband got to work planning the measurements and assessing what wood we had in the garage from previous projects. He actually found a nice piece of wood (the label said Aspen, similar to this) that was left by the previous owners (over 10 years ago!) and shrink wrapped in plastic. Score! We decided to use that as the desktop, and the rest of the desk was designed around that.

We knew we wanted to put the printer nearby, so we measured and made a shelf in the desk fit to size. Another shelf was needed to hold network cables and other such things that are not my department to deal with. After that, it came together pretty quickly with some leftover MDF cut to size (and the help of the kreg jig!)

Next trim and paint….pro tip: buy the primed trim pieces, it really speeds up the painting process. One 8-foot strip of primed trim and a gallon of Sherwin Williams Oxford White (which is apparently not sold anymore so thank goodness for color matching!) were the only things we had to purchase for this project. After that the top was attached and stained. Three coats of polyurethane were added (sanding in between with high grit sandpaper) and we were ready to move it inside! Ignore the messy garage in the background:

Because we had to move the dresser that was holding all the video games, controllers, etc out to fit the desk, we mounted the TV (good thing we had help!):

Ask me how I feel about Mega Man…actually I just recently learned he is not a man, but a robot. Who knew? Probably everyone but me 🤣


We have a plan to replace the storage we lost and hide all those ugly cords, which I am excited to share in a few weeks when its done 😁 Here is my new, very functional workspace (with a door!):

I will say, although this space is perfect for me, I am left handed. Given the proximity to the wall, it might not be as comfortable for someone who is right handed (everyone else in my household!). But since we have our personal computer at our new workstation, it hasn’t been an issue yet.Anyone else have a project that was on the backburner that suddenly became very important? 😂 Hopefully this will be the last one for this pandemic at least…

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