A Ductwork Conundrum

So I wasn’t planning on sharing such boring progress. Installation of ductwork isn’t the most glamorous step in the project for sure, although I am glad that it’s there. Mostly because it’s more visual progress and also because heat is an important amenity, especially here where the winter never ends. Literally I thought my kids were going to have a snow day this week. In April. Anyways, I digress. Below are some photos of the ducts on the first floor:

Top: view of ductwork along either side of the support beam, Bottom Left: view of the kitchen side of the beam, Bottom Right: view from the main entrance to the house.

I don’t know if you immediately see the issue I saw and for a while was pretty upset about. I’m not sure why, the contractor told us there would be a soffit down the middle of the house (the ductwork runs along each side of the support beam that runs across the center of the first floor), and I agreed it was the best/most efficient way. I won’t bore you with the alternatives but they involved an additional soffit across the kitchen so we decided this would be best (we don’t have a basement, which would be the best case scenario). For some reason, I envisioned it only on one side, the kitchen side, so it would be hidden from view when entering the house through the front door. After much discussion and thought (and pinterest!) we decided that we don’t want just an ugly soffit on either side, we will have to dress it up a little. Currently, we are considering covering it with wood or adding some trim. Here are some inspiration pictures I found although the application is a little different.

Source: Amy’s Casablanca
Source: The Heathered Nest

Any suggestions on how to make it look intentional or interesting? I’d welcome them all 😂

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