Pretty Chandeliers and Closets of Yore…

Hey there! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend relaxing with your family in honor of our brave Service Men and Women!! I had big plans of doing projects around the house (I need to make curtains for our guest room, re-paint some rooms, paint our front porch – I could go on…), but instead we hung out and took it easy. We did get some ice cream and visit the baby cows at our local creamery though ☺️


So instead of a covering an update in our current house, I want to share a project from our old house. The closet organizers in our master bedroom that the hubby custom built! These things were a game changer for us. We went from having the standard wire racks, to wooden shelves that we designed. I literally used my clothes to design the corner cubbies to make sure there was no wasted space! I didn’t remember to get a picture before we tore the old shelves and doors out, but here is my old closet after scrapping the stucco off the ceiling (hence the drip marks on the walls), and patching the holes in the wall:

Note how the bare bulb even had stucco on the base – very classy!

We used painters tape to outline the vertical board placement for the cubbies (which would double as supports for the hanging, clothes rods), and the hanging rods.

The hubs used 3/4″ cabinet-grade plywood (I think maple – but again, not solid wood), and used wood veneer strips (similar to this) to finish off the edges. The process to make the shelves was measuring, cutting, sanding, conditioning, staining (stain, sand, repeat), and applying a gloss polyurethane finish. It took about 48 years. Just kidding, but it seemed to take FOREVER! There was also a lot of “dry fitting” shelves before conditioning and staining could even start.


He just followed the directions to condition, stain and finish the wood, but I remember we had to wait a LONG time for the stain and for the finish to dry (probably just a week or two total, but I was very anxious to put my clothes away, haha). All of these steps were worth it though because the shelves were soooooo smooth! They looked professionally made, too (a friend asked where we bought them when she first saw them)!

To actually install the shelves, he used wood supports (installed perpendicularly underneath each shelf).

To make my closet really pretty, we used a light kit and a faux crystal (aka: glass bead) chandelier – pictures don’t do it justice, it was SO pretty!! The hubs also installed a motion-activated light switch, so the light would automatically turn on when I walked into the closet. So fancy! 😁

Aug 2014 Iphone 1134
The original chandelier was from Urban Outfitters, but it doesn’t look like they sell it anymore –  here is a similar version.

I used some of the first edition(!) YHL knobs to hang my scarfs and belts on the wall. I also covered an old cork board with fabric, and eventually screwed spray painted, radiator screen material on top of it (actually my father-in-law did this for me as a birthday gift that year ☺️) – it made for excellent jewelry storage. I still use it today!

For the hubby’s closet, he had to make a header for the new, wood doors to fit (we replaced clunky, metal doors that went to the ceiling). His closet’s biggest custom feature was the tie rack he made using dowels. Again – very fancy! Hahaha!

Also, I’m basically skipping over it because I can’t find any full-room before pictures, but as you can see from some of the progress pictures we redid the bedroom at the same time. We smoothed the ceilings, added new trim, added crown molding, repainted (the ceiling Palladian Blue and the walls Stonington Gray), and added an overhead light. I did find this cute picture taken the week our now-7-year-old was taken home that gives a glimpse of the very green walls:

Our little glow worm!

This capiz shell chandelier was originally from World Market (but had to be paired with a light kit). Here is one that is a similar size from Shades of Light (love this place)!

2016 thru Feb 2017 534It was tough to leave these custom closets behind (I had my own walk-in closet!), but having a master bath in our current house outweighs it. Most days… 😆

Anyone else try storing their jewelry in plain sight? I love being able to see it all so things don’t get buried. On the rare occasion I wear jewelry – it’s very convenient!

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