Moving toward the finish line–Midwest Reno Update

Well another week has gone by and we are inching ever closer to the finish line. It should be exciting to see it getting finished instead of torn apart, but at this point I’m kind of over it. I’d like to fast forward to the end. The newest estimate is that it will be done in mid-September, so I guess that’s a sliding scale? I’m not very surprised, I was pretty doubtful the mid-August deadline would be met. On the bright side, at least we are getting a real idea of what the room sizes will be like! I am terrible at spatial visualization so this is a pretty impactful change for me. 😄

In the meantime, insulation is complete and passed inspection which is good news. Here are some images of the current status:

Both upstairs and downstairs are fully insulated!

Also, several bags of concrete and a mixer have been delivered and are ready to patch the holes in the floor:

The gas line has also been installed, but will need to be relocated into the soffit. Not sure how that happened 🤔

Next week should be drywall installation (we’ll see…).

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