Exterior Lighting Upgrades

Well, I haven’t been working on my landscaping this spring like Dee, but I do have some exterior updates to share this week!

I actually shared our upgraded front porch light when I shared our den makeover, but here it is again:

I was able to dig up one more picture from a video walkthrough before moving in, so here’s another before/after:

Wish I had better before pictures, but I think you get the idea.

Our current light is from Shades of Light (sadly, I don’t think they sell it anymore), and almost 3 years later, I still love it! We actually got it at a huge discount (waaaay back in 2014) when we drove to Richmond to see YHL’s showhouse… I was pregnant with our second at the time, but we were saving it for a project we never got around to at our first house (thank goodness!).

It’s such a pretty part of our view now!

Here’s the porch back at Halloween (my favorite front porch decor to-date!):

The next lights we upgraded were our garage lights. Here’s a before picture:

And a before/after:

I liked the style of our upgraded lights much better, but the scale still bothered me. Well, if you’re following along with the duplex at YHL, you recently saw them reveal the giant lights on their duplex front porch. (Hah, funny that both our front porch and garage lights have a connection to YHL – love that blog! ☺️).

I found a cheaper version on Amazon (basically half price than the ones at Home Depot, but looks like the same brand and dimensions), so I decided to pull the trigger. And my sweet husband recently installed them for me!

They’re so pretty and MUCH better scale (almost twice the height and width)!!



And speaking of exterior upgrades, I’m hoping one day we can change our roofline a bit. Something like the following:

I know we can gable the windows, but not sure about the front porch yet. If we do, I want the roof to be black metal (just the front porch, not the windows).

Meanwhile, we have a few projects happening around the house. I’m still working on finishing the bedrooms in the basement (just decorating); plus, we’re working on moving our laundry room upstairs (EEEK!!!)! Hoping I’ll have some good progress to share on one of those spaces next week!

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