A Magical Nursery

After having two boys, I wanted ALL of the girl things for our daughter’s nursery. For me, that meant pink, gold, hearts and unicorns! ☺️ Here’s my girl testing out the mobile I made to fit the theme she inspired:

But the first change I made was to paint the room, from a bright yellow to Wickham Gray (same color as the den). Then the room sat unchanged until the baby was born (we waited until she was born to find out if she was a boy or girl).

Hahaha – Baby H in the upper left cracks me up!

While I was on maternity leave, I was inspired to make her the unicorn mobile. Originally I was going to buy one from Etsy, but I knew I could make one myself that was similar using felt, and I could mess it up multiple times and still spend less money (felt is my go-to fabric for easy crafts). I found the hearts at Target (these were different, but similar to the hearts from my Valentines Day craft).

For the unicorns: I traced out a horse-shaped body on paper for the template (thank goodness for erasers!), and for the tail, mane, and ears I free-hand cut from felt until I liked the shapes. I just needed one good shape for each body part, and used them as the guide to cut out multiple pieces to make multiple unicorns. Tip: if you get white felt that has glitter on one side, make sure to flip the horse body over when cutting out the “back,” so each side of the unicorn will sparkle. I definitely messed this up with my first unicorn, which became my extra for her “First Birthday Wreath” that’s now hanging on her door, haha.

I used sharpies to draw the eyes, eyelashes, ear insides and cheeks. I used fabric glue to secure the mane, tail, ears and a felt horn to the bodies. Once dry, I sewed from the behind the ears around the back, and slowly filled the body with stuffing as I sewed around the legs, head and back to the ears. For each horn, I cut 2 horn-shaped triangles out of a sheet of glittery, gold sticker foam and attached each to one side of the smaller, horn-shaped piece of felt. I didn’t attach the foam stickers to the felt horn until the very end (to ensure that the felt horn would be completely covered after sewing). I used the same cording as my egg garland to hang the hearts and unicorns (after determining layout) to an existing mobile hanger we had. Oh, and the double-sided rainbow was cut free-hand (I just made sure the base pink and purple colors, and the clouds were cut together, so the sides would mirror each other).

The rest of the room was a collection of things from Target, HomeGoods, Etsy, Rugsusa.com, IKEA, gifts, and hand-me-downs from our last nursery.

Sources: unicorn head, unicorn rocker, rug. The picture frames are HomeGoods. The narwhal art is from a local artist at a craft fair in Annapolis (wish I had her business card; she signed “A.garland” and I can’t find her online).
Tinkerbell and castle; deer and gazelle heads from HomeGoods
Sources: Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, unicorn lamp (on shelf), book shelves, shelf, Proverbs quote (above crib), the mirror is from HomeGoods, and swan lamp was from Target (but I can’t find it online so they might not sell it anymore).
The Corinthians quote is no longer available (here’s a similar version from the same shop), but there are so many different versions of this quote on Etsy!

So here’s the ultimate question – how many unicorns do YOU count in this room? Let’s assume the unicorns on her clothes (hidden), the hair clip, and the narwhal (unicorn of the sea!) don’t count… Winner gets 10 points! 😉

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